Home Sale and Relocation


    Don’t let your home go to the landfill! Donate it to the Building Material Thrift Store and receive a tax deduction for its market value! Since 1999, thirty-five (35) complete homes, and one office building have been donated and sold. Numerous other structures have been salvaged.


    We will auction your home and arrange for its relocation at no cost to you. And remember, all sales proceeds directly benefit the conservation efforts of the Wood River Land Trust.

    Please contact us for more information on how to donate your home. For some details read below.


    The Building Material Thrift Store sells homes through an auction process. If you are interested in participating in one of our home auctions, you should review our Home Auction Policies and Procedures and return a signed copy of our Purchase Guidelines for Structures form.


    Once a donor has committed a property, we will determine the market value of the home and the approximate moving costs. Next, the Building Material Thrift Store will advertise the auction through local media outlets, schedule an open house, and set an auction date. Prospective purchasers must submit a signed buyers procedure form at least three business days prior to the auction. The winning bidder must provide a check for 100% of the sale price at auction end. Credit cards are not accepted for house sales.

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